I'm a growing photographer based out of Weatherford TX who has been fortunate enough to find my passion (and myself) through practice of the art of photography. I have been practicing photography for approximately five years now and can honestly say that there has never been a 'hobby' or 'interest' that has moved, shaped or affected (and effected) me more. I truly love getting behind the camera and creating my own tiny world in which the only thing that exists is the camera and the beautiful things that are seen through it. There is incredibly beauty hidden within the moments of everyday life and it is the gravity of that beauty that keeps me in constant orbit, camera in hand. There are many photographers out there who can 'take a picture' (myself included), yet behind every picture there is s story, a feeling or timeless moment. It is the essence of those ephemeral elements which I hope to one day capture in a way that others don't just see it, but experience it.    

Like most photographers I have experimented in many different areas of photography but found that I really enjoy shooting three primary subjects: amazing people, amazing places and unique conceptual art. As I continue to grow and expand my knowledge and passion I hope to reach the holy grail of my journey by combining all three elements into all of my images. As you will see from a short look of my images, my current passion (outside of people) is the undeniably beautiful night sky, under which we all equally lay our heads and chase our dreams. It is the canopy of the world from which we all are made (we all come from the stuff of stars) and which reminds us of our place in the vastness of the universe. it is a dream to capture beautiful, artistic portraits of individuals under this amazingly infinite canopy and show that the human spirit, the human presence, in it's finite state, is every bit as beautiful and majestic as the vastness of the heavens. 

In recent months I have began travelling a great deal and try to capture as much of those journeys, in both personal notes and images, as I can. I hope to (very soon) include a travel blog on this page that will provide a vicarious experience for those willing to journey with me as well identify interesting and unique places that may serve as personal experiences in your future! 

Welcome to website! Please make yourself at home and enjoy the art. Leave me your feedback, comments and inspirations as there is nothing greater than building bonds of connection and friendship through shared appreciation of ideas and art. 

Check me out on facebook @ michaeslricephotography and on instagram @michaelsrice_photography